Illuminated Signs

Illuminated signs deliver the WOW factor and takes your signage to the next level. With the advances in LED technologies, Galata Signs can provide a highly sustainable method of illuminating for signage making your brand stand out at night as well as the day

Illuminated Signs
Illuminated Signs

Signage should not only be employed during the day, it should be displaying your brand 24/7. Just think, how many more potential customers would be aware of your business if they could see you sign at night. Illuminated signage offer a cost effective option for your brand to be lit up in lights all day and all night. Your brand will never stop being in the public eye

What is the intention of your exterior signage? We believe the objective of signage is to create impact and Galata Signs expertly make signs that are designed to make their presence felt. This form is signage is perfect for high street shops, restaurants, hotels or offices.

Illumination moves signage on to a different level to traditional print. With LED technologies improving all the time, Galata Signs have received fabulous feedback from our customers who have chosen to illuminate fabricated letters, glass and other signage within their budget. On first site of their new illuminated sign, our customers have been blown away and delighted with the result.

LEDs are safe, low voltage and virtually maintenance free devices. They consume less energy and are incredibly more energy efficient than traditional lighting methods.

LED lighting systems has now become the preferred choice for illumination of choice for planning permission officials, largely due to its low power and lux levels.

Remember there is little point having a brilliant message on your sign if your customers can’t find you after dark. 50% of the time your brand cannot be seen.

From eye-catching individual back-lit lettering to fully printed light boxes, Galata Signs can advise you on the most appropriate techniques illuminate your sign/signs.

Take advantage of our free design and consultation to see how your sign could look.

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